Scarabeo Ceramiche Srl Fuji 70R Washbasin and console
Fuji 70R Washbasin and console is Golden Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design Award Category.
Fuji 70R Washbasin and console

The quality of the product is generated by a careful choice of materials like ceramic, steel bar and solid oak wood but also by the precision of the manufacturing process. Ceramic is a low-tech material, in this case used as a high-tech material, getting it closer to materials that have softer outlines and hiding the drain hole with the ceramic plate. The console in steel bar has been chosen to give the same charm and elegance of the sink, it is clearly lighter and to make it less cold a shelf in solid wood has been inserted to make the bathroom system cosier.

Fuji 70R  Washbasin and console
Scarabeo Ceramiche Srl Fuji 70R
Scarabeo Ceramiche Srl Washbasin and console
Scarabeo Ceramiche Srl design
Scarabeo Ceramiche Srl design
Scarabeo Ceramiche S.r.l.

SCARABEO, founded in 1974, initially specialised in the manufacture of porcelain bathroom accessories. In the space of a few years, thanks to its reliability and commitment, the company firmly secured its position in both the national and international markets. The high quality of its products enabled the company to collaborate with some of the most renowned international manufacturers of bathroom fixtures. The constant search for new products has always been a distinguishing feature of the company, which – over the years – has consistently proven its ability to keep track of the evolving demands of the market. This continuous evolution eventually led to the introduction of new washbasin ranges, and the company now offers an extremely broad and ever-expanding range of products. The company’s philosophy is geared towards making the washbasin the focus of the bathroom and dedicating all its energies to creating new ranges and models for satisfying an increasingly demanding market, while putting the emphasis on quality – rather than quantity – and the uniqueness of its products. Emo design (Lukasz Bertoli and Carlo Ciciliot) is comprised of a team of experienced specialists that have gained strong expertise within the creative industry at an international level. The studio develops a variety of projects in different field focusing on a market-oriented approach able to use design research and creative expression as strategic tools for its clients. It works with the potential or existing value system of a company to create solutions aimed accurately at a specific market, allowing the clients to differentiate their offerings from those of their competitors. The approach to each project is driven by in-depth research into the behavior, desires and needs of the final user/consumer. Emo design believes that a proper use of the "design tool" provides a clear competitive advantage for any company while products get a clear and credible positioning.