Mirco Luzzi Insal'Arte Food packaging (Fresh Salad)
Insal'Arte Food packaging (Fresh Salad) is Golden Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Packaging Design Award Category.
Insal'Arte Food packaging (Fresh Salad)

The pack contains fresh salad. Every package shows the initial letter of the product which is inside of it (as for example: L for Lattughino, S for Spinaci etc.). For the realization of every letter it has been created a sculpture made with salad’s leaves which it was photographed (without any image editing or 3d graphics), using the salad contained in the package. The result not only shows the fresh product contained in the package but also creates immediate recognisability when shelf stocked and the possibility to establish customer interaction having the entire alphabet at their disposal.

Insal'Arte Food packaging (Fresh Salad)
Mirco Luzzi Insal'Arte
Mirco Luzzi Food packaging (Fresh Salad)
Mirco Luzzi design
Mirco Luzzi design

DeOfficina Studio Design created the brand and packaging of Insal’Arte for OrtoRomi. OrtoRomi is one of the largest national producers of the ready to eat salads, with exports throughout the rest of Europe. OrtoRomi has been on the market for more than 18 years and it is structured as an agricultural cooperative business that includes 27 farms, to get the control of the entire agricultural food chain, from seeds up to the selling of the final product. With Insal’Arte, OrtoRomi gives the company itself an excellence identity, gathering the best of its production in terms of control, selection and warranty. Insal’Arte brand contains in every leaf the passion and the experience acquired through OrtoRomi’s history.