Brian Lee Living Inside-out Public park furniture
Living Inside-out Public park furniture is Iron Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Street Furniture Design Award Category.
Living Inside-out Public park furniture

Imagine a stranger reading newspaper and sitting next to you on a sofa in a homey scenario, may this puzzle you to question- are you living in your home, others home, or in fact all living under the same sky? By recreating home-like experience at outdoor, the design "Living Inside-out" borrows the quality of indoor living room and terrace, which signify concept of home for sharing quality time with family and friends at open public space. It’s a cleverly blending of cozy & private yet free & public environment for all. 70% of it's filling is recycled material.

Living Inside-out Public park furniture
Brian Lee Living Inside-out
Brian Lee Public park furniture
Brian Lee design
Brian Lee design
Brian Lee

Brian Lee, studied Industrial Design at School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, is interested in questioning and exploring conceptualisation, interaction and representation of better living by means of product, furniture & spatial design. He attempts to blend cultural value, craftsmanship and real life’s constraint into design which aims at enabling the societal and natural environment for most stakeholders who could have new insight and appreciation to both materials world and sustainable living. In 2002, Brian found JOINEUR with with Denise Chan and other partners which becomes a renowned contemporary furniture retail chain store implementing traditional Chinese wooden joints technique, Chinese aesthetic and contemporary lifestyle into furniture industry in Hong Kong and China. Recently they are also active in promoting design thinking and indigenous craftsmanship, and initiating various social innovation projects and workshops for local communities. Meanwhile, they curates multiple community art and public design projects commissioned by local government.

Art Promotion Office, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) is an organization representing The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) to provide quality leisure and cultural services commensurate with Hong Kong's development as a world-class city and events capital. All public parks in HK are initiated, implemented and managed by their professional teams. The Art Promotion Office (APO) is a subsidiary section of LCSD aims to raise the public's interest in art creation and appreciation, and let everyone experience the fun of art. APO dedicates to provide high quality and diversified visual art activities and services. They often work as strategic partners with various art and design practitioners and the organisations, groups or parties who are dedicated to promote art in different dimensions. To cope with the emergent needs of the society and people, APO introduces different scopes of visual art or creative forms to the public, so as to connect art and creative thinking with people and the community and to embrace it in daily life of Hong Kong residences and visitors. APO and LCSD intended to, through the initiative of the "Park Déco – Cornwall Street Park" project, upgrade the furniture and signage system of the original Cornwall Street Park. It features a holistic design–oriented approach with a view to establish a set of design principles for application to other public parks in Hong Kong in the future. The project was commissioned to three teams of designers and architects by LCSD in 2011 and co-organised by the two Leisure Services Branch, the APO and the Architectural Services Department with collaboration of Hong Kong Design Center (HKDC) who appointed Mr. Billy Tam from Thomas Chow Architects as project’s curator. One out of the three project teams leaded by Mr. Brian Lee and Miss Denise Chan is nominated to implement their design ‘Living Inside-out’ in 2012.