Careray CareView 1500C Digital flat-panel detector
CareView 1500C Digital flat-panel detector is Iron Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Medical Devices and Medical Equipment Design Award Category.
CareView 1500C Digital flat-panel detector

The foldable built-in handle on the product is the first of its kind. Made with light-weight aluminum-alloy, the handle facilitates a comfortable and secure sense in operation. Inside the product, a highly sensitive image sensor is built on a 0.7mm thick 376mmX 452mm size glass substrate. To protect it, all screws which holds the internal frame and enclosure are wrapped with rubbers to absorb and isolate impact energy. The case is constructed from a single pieces of high-strength aluminum alloy with over-sized chamfers around the bottom and fine-grained sand-blasted texture.

CareView 1500C Digital flat-panel detector
Careray CareView 1500C
Careray Digital flat-panel detector
Careray design
Careray design
Careray Digital Medical Systems Co., LTd.

Found in 2007, Careray developed the first flat-panel detector based on the most advanced direct-deposition CsI technology for Chinese market. Since then, through years' relentless pursuit of excellence, we have become one of the few company over the globe, who has competencies of performing through engineering optimization from low-noise TFT/PD panel, fine-tuned CsI scintillator film to high-performance signal processing electronics. In addition, we have focused on providing high-value products manufactured through disciplined fabrication process, stringent quality-control and customized precision equipments. Today, Careray is dedicated to develop key components (flat panel detectors) of the highest quality for X-ray imaging systems and serve the market of medical, veterinary, and industrial NDT applications. Our mission is to provide the best X-ray imaging experience through innovative products and solutions to customers all over the world.