Oliver Bals Papillon Coffee-Table
Papillon Coffee-Table is Iron Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Furniture Design Award Category.
Papillon Coffee-Table

Papillon is a sculptural, yet functional coffee-table that solves table usage and storage or layout of books and magazines in an easy and elegant way. A single, flat element is combined into spatial structure, to be liberally disposed under a glass-top, thus providing inclined storage space that always brings its content into a loose order. While empty, supporting elements evoke leaves and open books in a random harmony that only subtly mutates through reading matter piling up inside.

Papillon Coffee-Table
Oliver Bals Papillon
Oliver Bals Coffee-Table
Oliver Bals design
Oliver Bals design
Oliver Bals

Oliver Bals is a trained architect and a designer by vocation. The emphasis of his work is on kitchen design and production-ready development of furniture and useful objects. Through the Carpintectura brand he designs and builds kitchen and furniture with a strong personal character. Lately he founded as a platform to commercialize his own and other barcelona based designers work to industry and final customers. He has a strong commitment to sustainability, energy and cost efficiency, ecology and conservation of resources, as well as a focus on details, functional and esthetic coherence. For all his experience, he always tries to keep alive a beginner’s spirit, which enables him to scan every projects whole wealth of possibilities, and then identify the appropriate functional and poetic response.

Bcndsn is an online sales platform for design objects that are self-produced by their creators. we promote design that has been conceived and developed for industrial production, but has so far been only produced in small series or by commission. bcndsn is both an online shop for customers looking for a design product with authorship, and a showcase platform for the industry in search of available designs. this formula generates a win-win-win effect: - designers are able to test their designs in a real life situation and may recover their investment through direct sale, without having to develop the commercial infrastructure beforehand. At the same time their designs are visible to the potential buyers in the sector. - the customer obtains an object that will always keep (or increase) its added value, since its exclusivity is maintained even if the design is later acquired and produced by a brand. - the sector eventually acquires a life- and possibly market -proven design, fully developed for industrial production. exclusively sells products that have been designed and produced by small-size, owner-run businesses in the Barcelona area.