Oau Base Houndstooth Tables Console table
Houndstooth Tables Console table is Iron Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Furniture Design Award Category.
Houndstooth Tables Console table

This is a beautifully design table that function not only as console table but also as an oversize coffee table. The geometrical design mimics houndstooth shape. The design is made of polish-steel and lacquered in red. The main goal of this design is to create sculptural furniture that is also functional.

Houndstooth Tables Console table
Oau Base Houndstooth Tables
Oau Base Console table
Oau Base design
Oau Base design
BaBaCaMp studio

BaBaCaMp studio is a young design studio preside over by his Nigerian–American principle designer Olu “Babacamp” Campbell. The designer is base in the metropolitan Washington DC and Baltimore Maryland. His works is richly inspired by all of life, thanks to his fascination with pattern and creative reinterpretation of pop culture phenomena. BaBaCaMp’s Art and Designs reflects the ordinary in new and unusual ways. Through dimensional skewing of shape, his work aims to create a conversation between the designer and the viewer that transforms both participants and inspires revelations about our surroundings and our place within them. BaBaCaMp has collaborated on various private art installations, interior architectural projects and design sculptural furniture pieces and art for clients world-wide. Through continued collaboration and experimentation, BaBaCaMp looks to further learn the subtleties of working with a wide spectrum of materials, organic and inorganic.