Pedro Miguel Morgado Messias Tgtl Alentejo Collection Olive Oil Can
Tgtl Alentejo Collection Olive Oil Can is Bronze Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Packaging Design Award Category.
Tgtl Alentejo Collection Olive Oil Can

The idea behind this project was to make, trendy illustrations, represent the portuguese culture and people from Alentejo region and to add nature value to the product (olive oil). The design is clear and touch the colours we want to represent the 3 concepts. The illustration on the can directly printed, give more brightness to the artist work and feel more realistic, than paper labels on bottles, more comum. With this new design collection we wish to approach the consumer to the land and nature concept behind the catch of the olives and all the process to produce olive oil with quality.

Tgtl Alentejo Collection Olive Oil Can
Pedro Miguel Morgado Messias Tgtl Alentejo Collection
Pedro Miguel Morgado Messias Olive Oil Can
Pedro Miguel Morgado Messias design
Pedro Miguel Morgado Messias design
Pedro Miguel Morgado Messias

Work areas: Sales,Real Estate Business/Investments, Graphic Design, Food and Beverage Export-Import, Packaging and Brand placement. Since very young he began his professional career in sales area in the automotive industry. Between two brands, he highligths the 16 years at Mercedes-Benz, where he won prominent places among the international sales teams . With a background in marketing and public relations and advertising, post graduated in Sales Management and Advanced Communication in Marketing. This was followed by administration in real estate business from 2007 to midle 2010. In 2010 decided to set up a brand and export business of food products. Sooner his project won international design awards, including Red Dot Award, Pentawards two A Design award´s and nominated to the german design award 2013. With these achievements alongside exports, gained particular love for design and took classes in design and packaging. It is considered an entrepreneur dedicated fighter and creative, with a special performance in sales and at the same time, aware of trends and product image. Specialist: Sales and Marketing, New business development, Account managment, Retail expert, Business Strategy, Entrepenership,PR,MKT,CRM,DESIGN,Packaging Projects, Branding and Identity, Food Distribution, Events


TGTL - Think Global Taste Local is an olive oil and wine producer and also an innovative food hunting company that sims to present the best gastronomic products to the World in gift boxes. The company's philosophy is all about creating food experiences, having food specialists constantly looking for outstanding products from small producers, surprising people with new flavours. The team is composed by Michelin Star Winner Chefs, Food Critics, Local Farmers and many other people passionate about food. The TGTL team is headed by Portugal's most innovative Michelin starred chef, Nuno Mendes - a London based professional driven by the pursuit of exciting flavours from the world's leading food producers. The TGTL concept combines gastronomy, art and design, by encompassing fabulous foods within beautiful and original presentation! A culture of integrity, gastronomic excellence and exclusivity - providing an international reference for all that is best in fine food. Through "Discovered by TGTL" we present fine food and new products directly from the best producers all over the world.