Gabriela Delgado Scarlet Ibis Visual Art
Scarlet Ibis Visual Art is Silver Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Category.
Scarlet Ibis Visual Art

The project is a sequence of digital paintings of the Scarlet Ibis and its natural environment, with special emphasis on color and their vibrant hue that intensifies as the bird grows. The work develops amongst natural surroundings combining real and imaginary elements that provide unique features. The scarlet ibis is a native bird of South America that lives on the coasts and marshes of northern Venezuela and the vibrant red color constitutes a visual spectacle for the viewer. This design aims to highlight the graceful flight of the scarlet ibis and the vibrant colors of the tropical fauna.

Scarlet Ibis Visual Art
Gabriela Delgado Scarlet Ibis
Gabriela Delgado Visual Art
Gabriela Delgado design
Gabriela Delgado design
Gabriela Delgado

Gabriela is an interior designer and an artist of the visual arts. During her creative process she combines both of her talents to create an extraordinary art work that gives solutions to a better quality of life. Gabriela is also an innate researcher, for her is necessary to know the roots and the legacy of the greatest in order to make important contributions to the design.

GD Studio C.A

GD Studio CA is a young company based in Venezuela, was born in 2012 but was legally constituted in 2014 with the aim of covering a sector of the market that demanded new design trends. It is a multidisciplinary company focused on interior design, visual art and graphic design with the aim of covering a market sector that require new design trends. That mix of profiles allows them to achieve satisfactory results. GD Studio has a diverse team of architects, designers, engineers and graphic artists with experience on each field, who design with continuous workshop spirit providing creative ideas and concepts based on a thorough study of customer needs. Each project is a challenge that seeks the meaning of a function in the social and human context in order to provide new ways of living by promoting environmental awareness. Design, creativity and functionality is one of the main objectives.