Jacen, Cheung Shing OUTSIGN.Lab Design Studio Office/ Studio Design
OUTSIGN.Lab Design Studio Office/ Studio Design is Iron Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
OUTSIGN.Lab Design Studio Office/ Studio Design

OUTSGIN.lab is a creative laboratory, designers study how to apply their creativity on different media. Precisely because of this spirit, it generated a lot of "experimental creations", which fit right in every corner of the lab and became part of the décor.

OUTSIGN.Lab Design Studio Office/ Studio Design
Jacen, Cheung Shing OUTSIGN.Lab Design Studio
Jacen, Cheung Shing Office/ Studio Design
Jacen, Cheung Shing design
Jacen, Cheung Shing design
Jacen, Cheung Shing

{ DElight in create a new SIGN } Jacen Cheung born in Hong Kong. Root in Shanghai China since 2012. His works are mainly focus on Marketing, Branding & Retail.Collaborate with a lot of brands & company (e.g. OUTSIGN.lab, APAX Group,CAMPAIGN ( CHINA ), LVMH, MHD, 20th Century Fox Film, Eland Group, IMAGINEX Group,Swatch Group......etc.) Works including Interior Design, Event & Exhibition Design, Advertising Creative & Art Direction. ABOUT Downtown Creative Ltd.(By MYM Group) Downtown Creative is an internationally renowned retail strategy and design agency. We are passionate about the potential of retail.Retail is about more than stores and merchandise. It’s about telling meaningful stories. It’s about inspiring people with cutting-edge design. It’s about engaging each consumer in an integrated brand experience from the first moment. In short, it’s about connection.These days, competition for consumer attention is fierce, both on and offline. We help you cut through the noise. Our creative team is made up of the best minds and eyes in the industry. A close-knit group of retail architects, communication experts, interactive designers, visual merchandisers, marketing and branding professionals come from all over the world, we have studios in Europe and Asia. Our years of experience and our international. 

OUTSIGN.lab Ltd.

OUTSIGN.lab is established by Sam Chan in 2002. As a creative laboratory, OUTSIGN.lab provides clients with creative formulas across different medium and platforms. With our team comprises of professional elites, we specialize in not only one but diverse aspects. We have experienced of corporate graphic design, image direction, corporate branding, advertising, interior design, cinematography as well as public relations can also be found in our ever-growing portfolio. Our clientele includes Chanel, PUMA, HKTDC, Smart Car, Andox, Blue Heroes, Trediano, Disney, Y-3, Kipling, Fila, LEE, Hello Kitty, adidas, Nike, D-Mop, Le Saunda, Lenscrafter, Timberland, Cassile, Five Plus and many more. Besides commercial services, we also regularly initiates with different artists to perform art collaborations and exhibitions. OUTSIGN.lab believes creativity should have no restriction and boundaries guiding. Therefore, mixing different media with innovative elements and reforming them into cutting-edge campaigns or creations is what we keen on. We also believe a laboratory is where sparks always happen. If you want to understand more information of OUTSIGN.lab Please enter the "OUTSIGN.lab" on the search page to obtain more information about our company.