Albertina Oliveira Ayers Table, chair, luminaire.
Ayers Table, chair, luminaire. is Bronze Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Furniture Design Award Category.
Ayers Table, chair, luminaire.

The shape and the unity of the object, combined with the innovative use of materials in the production as cork and "corkbalt" are unique factors that distinguish this piece from the others. Each chair is sculpted on a high technology CNC machine from a single block of cork. The same method is applied to the base of the table. The tabletop and the campanula of the luminaire are made of "corkbalt" (an innovative material that combines the basalt fiber with cork) which gives a lightness to the pieces. The lamp uses LED technology in its lighting system.

Ayers  Table, chair, luminaire.
Albertina Oliveira Ayers
Albertina Oliveira Table, chair, luminaire.
Albertina Oliveira design
Albertina Oliveira design
Albertina Oliveira

Albertina Oliveira - Architecture Lda is an architectural company with 16 years of existence, whose main creative is the architect Albertina Oliveira. Over these 16 years, in addition to architecture, the office has done work of furniture design that have been naturally associated with architectural works and that evolved into the design of exclusive design pieces, mainly using cork as material of choice.

Albertina Oliveira

In 1999 Albertina Oliveira - Architecture Lda, was established and created the atelier whose mission is to think / propose spaces in which the architecture is consistent in response to various conditions and translate into a whole with identity. The company position translates into a contemporary view of contextual architecture in "several areas". Working with various programs, territories, types, scales, are challenges that stimulate and trigger into a restless attitude that characterizes them and that are considered important in the work method. Albertina Oliveira - Arquitetura Lda mainly works in architectural design, interior design and furniture design. The company is runing by Albertina Oliveira, and have realized several projects in architecture and design.