Alessandro Luciani Dr. Fleming Pharma&Healthcare Pharmacy Concept
Dr. Fleming Pharma&Healthcare Pharmacy Concept is Golden Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Dr. Fleming Pharma&Healthcare Pharmacy Concept

Transformation of the traditional pharmacist-client relationship, so we focused our attention on a revolutionary vision aimed at removing all the hierarchical and psychological barriers usually existing between the patient and the pharmacist, through the creation of a human and equal relationship in which the Man represents the real center. This new philosophy will therefore lead the Pharmacist to welcome his potential clients and interact with them on an equal level, giving more attention to their personal health needs as well as the sales aspects.

Dr. Fleming Pharma&Healthcare  Pharmacy Concept
Alessandro Luciani Dr. Fleming Pharma&Healthcare
Alessandro Luciani Pharmacy Concept
Alessandro Luciani design
Alessandro Luciani design
Alessandro Luciani

Certainly one of the most innovative Italian and international designers, creative, eclectic, multi-faceted, passionate about the Retail and Fashion world, with a holistic approach to the project and an Innovative, Futuristic, Anthropocentric vision, oriented to the involvement of emotions. Over 22 national and international retail design awards won in recent years. First Italian to win the ”Global POPAI Award“ in Las Vegas and for 2 times the ”International Store Design Awards“ Recently awarded in New York. His life is a continuous pollination by different contexts and experiences that sprout, flourish, fructify, explode to life. Before and after his studies he has cultivated many passions, from fashion to design, to car competitions, from music to motor sciences, from psychology to the psycho-physical preparation of astronauts. Stimuli with which he increasingly enriches his creative flair, combining it with the practicality and functionality typical of the Retail world. "Retail design is the expression of a long process, which starts from the analysis of consumers from market-related innovations and products in a specific historical context, from the analysis of competition to the concept and message that the brand wants to convey. Design harmonises and transforms all these elements and expresses their soul and value in their essence to create a strong emotional bond between the environment, product, customer and the brand " Fueled by a strong desire to go beyond ordinary boundaries, he brings into his projects a vision oriented to emotional involvement, to the well-being of people, anthropocentric and innovative. He is one of the authors of the book Retail Design and Marketing (FrancoAngeli publisher) and among the teachers of Poli.Design in Milan. Many publications on national and international magazines including VSMD, Retail Environments, Shop Style. Among the books: Retail Space "Small Stores" and Store Of The Year No. 21 (RSD USA). Some of his Innovative projects: Spazio Lenovo, Huawei Experience Store, Honor store, Pirelli Tire "The Tire of the Future", Dr. Fleming "The Pharmacy of the Future", New Balance Store, Pepsi Concept

Dr. Fleming Pharma & Healthcare

Alexander Dr Fleming Srl is a franchising company specialized in the development of Pharmacies, Parapharmacies and Corner, born in collaboration with Bornino family, active in the pharmaceutical industry for three generations. As the great researcher and Nobel Prize, also Alexander Dr Fleming company believes that only the experience, together with passion and talent, could transform a vision into a project and then lead it to success. Dr Fleming network will launch an innovative international format focused on: services, competence and innovation, creating a new place where people can take care of their well-being.