Stephan Seifert Echape Stool
Echape Stool is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Furniture Design Award Category.
Echape Stool

In French Echape means escape, but also is a dynamic position in ballet dance. We have decided to combine the ethereal grace and lightness of a ballet dancer with the joy and happiness of a casual meeting at a bar between friends and acquaintances. The stools come in a variety of different standard heights and are manufacured using a combination of numerical control and traditional craft techniques, to realize a unique, ecologically sound and beautiful contemporary stools with high aesthetic, sculptural and tactile value.

Echape Stool
Stephan Seifert Echape
Stephan Seifert Stool
Stephan Seifert design
Stephan Seifert design
Stephan Seifert

After a BDes in industrial design at the Massey Univerity New Zealand, Stephan worked as a designer internationally in New Zealand, Los Angeles, London and Barcelona. During his career he was involved in all the project stages : from conception to project completion, and follow up. He has actively colaborated with international brands and design studios that are leaders in their sectors. These include: P&G, IDEO, TGV, Carpyen, LAKEN, PLAY, Fuelfor, Minairons, Thelos amongst others. From Innovative start-ups to the most recognized companies, Stephan aims to create iconic, brand-building products and experiences that connect emotionally with users.


Thelos is a furniture design edition brand from Barcelona that selects, with sensitive art and design criteria, the most fine contemporary furniture designs from the worldwide designers and artists to get extraordinary experiences for its users. Thelos produces with the most suitable and natural materials and with totally sustainable criteria. It controls all origins of wood and fabric, clean manufacturing processes, hand made finishes of each piece, non synthetic contents on any finishes and avoiding any negatively impact to the people who manipulate it, to the final users and to the environment. Thelos produces fine furniture at the highest technician and of excellence level and with all empathy to the users and the planet. In short, high design with full empathy. David Farell CEO & Art director