Vestel ID Team Daphne smart phone Smart Phone
Daphne smart phone Smart Phone is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Digital and Electronic Device Design Award Category.
Daphne smart phone Smart Phone

Smart phone design of the company, which is aimed to make the life easier. It represents mobile devices ideology of the company that has years of experience on consumer electronics in domestic market and international reputation on manufacturing. The design of the smart phone represents the design philosophy of simplicity. This philosophy takes out all complexity and makes things easier to understand by humans. Doing things simple requires new creative perspective of design process, which pursues with a lot of collaboration with designers and engineers. This also resulted as a harmony between hardware and its sleek design with innovative material use to provide an ergonomic user experience. The soft touch coat on the bottom cover creates a more comfortable use in hands. The design team tries to create semiotic expression of the company brand by using a functional button as an iconic design element. Triangle shaped functional element with metallic finishing v creates an interaction between its users and brand. This also differs the smart phone design while standing on the shelf with other competitors on the market and interacts with the customers who have brand loyalty.

Daphne smart phone Smart Phone
Vestel ID Team Daphne smart phone
Vestel ID Team Smart Phone
Vestel ID Team design
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Vestel Group is comprised of 29 companies operating in manufacturing, software and technology development, marketing, and distribution fields in the consumer electronics, household appliances, multimedia communication, LED lighting, and defence industries with € 5 billion turnover. Vestel was founded and started operation in 1984. The company joined the Zorlu Group in 1994, and since then it has continuously been increasing its production capacity, export activity, and market share.