Studio Xaquixe La Pasion Bottle
La Pasion Bottle is Iron Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Fine Arts and Art Installation Design Award Category.
La Pasion Bottle

This is a hand made object designed by Arturo López, one of the crew members at Studio Xaquixe. He got the idea of the bottle when he saw a tree that looked like a couple hugging each other, and this made him think in how loved ones become one when holding each other with "pasión". The glass used in creating the piece is 95% recycled, as is all the glass used at Studio Xaquixe. The Furnaces used in the Studio are made by the crew and are fed with organic waste such as biodiesel or biomass processed to become methane gas.

La Pasion Bottle
Studio Xaquixe La Pasion
Studio Xaquixe Bottle
Studio Xaquixe design
Studio Xaquixe design
Studio Xaquixe

Studio Xaquixe is a blown glass studio, who uses 95% recycled glass, based in Oaxaca, Mexico. The special signature of the studio is to let the material speak for itself, bringing it to life by letting it take different shapes when working with it. The studio also is a center of research for adapting different ways of generating combustion with organic waste, such as biodiesel or biomass, to the furnaces, in order to have a minor impact in the environment, and helping the people who live in the surroundings understand how to use what they see as waste.

Studio Xaquixe

We are a blown- glass studio that uses 95% recycled glass for all the pieces we do (and by recycled we mean we buy the glass waste of the trash and use it in our secret formula). We also develop new technology for using alternative energy in heating the furnaces, such as biomass and other kinds of waste. Based in Oaxaca, Mexico, we are the only ones of our kind.