Tridimage Kitchens of Africa Brand & Packaging Design
Kitchens of Africa Brand & Packaging Design is Bronze Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Packaging Design Award Category.
Kitchens of Africa Brand & Packaging Design

The Tridimage design agency took on the project of balancing the brand’s visual identity between looks of exoticism and familiarity. Giving sauces like Maffe and Yassa an accessibility that overpowers the element of mystery, the firm looked to instill soft cultural references like richly patterned textiles and silhouettes of mothers into the kitchen. The result is a collection of five simple labels that retain a fiery flavor that entices the senses. Kitchens of Africa packaging would look at home on the shelves of Western stores, but still stand out with a savory appeal.

Kitchens of Africa Brand & Packaging Design
Tridimage Kitchens of Africa
Tridimage Brand & Packaging Design
Tridimage design
Tridimage design

Guillermo Dufranc Graphic Design Coordinator at Tridimage Twitter: @guilledufranc Linkedin: Guillermo works as Project Manager at the leading award-winning Structural & Graphic Package Design agency Tridimage, bringing expertise, inspiration and creative leadership, enhancing the design team with challenging ideas. He has been working in packaging design since 2004 helping brands to create meaning though packaging design. WRITER He writes articles about packaging design which are published in international magazines and design blogs. He has also published several ebooks. SPEAKER He is an international speaker who provides conferences and workshops related to Packaging Design and Design Thinking in companies, universities and exhibitions in many countries. DESIGN JURY He has been invited as jury member for several packaging design competitions as FoodBev Awards (UK), A'Design Awards (Italy) and Vertex Awards (USA).

Kitchens of Africa

Kitchens of Africa was created with one simple mission - to introduce the diverse and exotic cuisine of Africa to the rest of the world. It's a bold idea, but no more bold than the flavors found in that continent's unique foods. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Kitchens of Africa is a U.S. company, but our roots extend all the way to The Gambia, a tiny country in the western part of Africa, where our founder, Jainaba Jeng was born and raised. After receiving a degree in International Relations from a university in Halifax, Nova Scotia, she found she was unable to return home due to a recent military coup and immigrated to the U.S.