Sara Mansour Ila'l Amam Type Family Typography
Ila'l Amam Type Family Typography is Bronze Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Ila'l Amam Type Family Typography

“Ila’l Amam” is an Arabic type family developed from a mixture of the first display types ever created – Fat Faces, as well as vintage Iranian Kufic scripts of the 11th century, combining them all into an italicized/oblique format. "Ila'l Amam" consists of display types used for large-scale purposes as the letters are highly stylized and characterized by having a stark contrast between thick and thin strokes. The fascination behind an italicized/oblique typeface came from the lack of one in any Arabic type, as Arabic maybe considered having a purely Italic format from the start.

Ila'l Amam Type Family Typography
Sara Mansour Ila'l Amam Type Family
Sara Mansour Typography
Sara Mansour design
Sara Mansour design
Sara Mansour

Sara Mansour (b. 1990) is a Saudi graphic designer based in Saudi Arabia whose currently working in an advertising agency called Drive Dentsu. She graduated first of class 2013, honor of first degree for outstanding academic achievement. As a graphic designer she is known for her personal illustrative style, but her professional work speaks on it own. She strives to create diverse work through research and concept generation by solidifying the end result that encircles the myriad fields of graphic design, hoping to achieve the sense of purpose of becoming a well-rounded graphic designer.

Sara Mansour

The project was initially created for an Advance Typography & Publishing Course at Dar Al Hekma University in April 2012 and finished in May 2013 where the specimen book & posters were produced.