J. Candice Interior Architects Super Congee Fast Food Restaurant
Super Congee Fast Food Restaurant is Bronze Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Super Congee Fast Food Restaurant

The core idea is to breakaway from the conventional business idea and interior design of Chinese congee restaurant. Clean lines and modern form shape up the brand identity to create a casual and comfortable dining experience. Their primary colour tone is black and white combine with light tone, while copper and wood made up most of the design. All furniture design are kept to minimalistic or in abstract form to highlight the texture of the material. The black and white graphic made up by Chinese cooking supplies silhouette adapt with modern interior design, giving a sense of modern chinoiserie

Super Congee Fast Food Restaurant
J. Candice Interior Architects Super Congee
J. Candice Interior Architects Fast Food Restaurant
J. Candice Interior Architects design
J. Candice Interior Architects design
J. Candice Interior Architects

Candice Chan Chao grew up in Hong Kong before leaving for college in the United States. Graduating summa cum laude with a B.F.A in Interior Design from Syracuse University, she spent her post-college years in New York, revitalizing a Broadway theatre, designing studios and offices for multi-national corporations and developing interiors for New York’s famed 92Y. After returning to Hong Kong in 2009, Candice headed her own professional firm, J. Candice Interior Architects, designing commercial interiors for notable brands like Oliver’s Super Sandwiches, Cafe de Coral, Bread and Butter, St. Regis and private clubs around town. In the short history of her professional career, Candice was recognized by the business community at home and abroad. In 2009, she received the Most Promising Female Award from Hong Kong Tatler Magazine, the Creative Entrepreneur Award in 2010 and subsequently, the Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Award in recognition of her works in North America’s shopping malls and the Hong Kong City Lady Award by Hong Kong City Lady Junior Chamber in recognition of her personal attributes and professional contribution to the community. More recently, she was again bestowed with the Golden Bund Award by Interior Design Magazine China.

Super Congee

Established in 1999, Super Super Congee & Noodles has rapidly become one of Hong Kong’s best-loved specialist Chinese food chains, with over 30 outlets across the Territory. Offering quality congee and noodles via a fast-food operating model, the brand remains one of the most distinctive success stories in the quick-service restaurant industry. Super Super tempts diners with an extensive array of mouthwatering congee and noodle dishes that differentiate the brand in the market. In addition to these two menu mainstays, all restaurants also serve appetising casserole rice and other popular Chinese dishes to cater for different customers’ tastes. The secret of Super Super’s success? Its total devotion to quality and continuous product enhancement!