CasBeVilla Team Don Luis Traffic signal
Don Luis Traffic signal is Iron Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Social Design Award Category.
Don Luis Traffic signal

“Many countries have begun to implement policies to encourage walking as an important mode of transport. Pedestrian risk is increased when roadway design fail to plan for and provide traffic control mechanisms that separate pedestrians from vehicles. Traffic crashes in general are estimated to cost between 1 and 2% of gross national product” (WHO). Don Luis is a 3D traffic signal that binds to a yellow 2D line painted on the sidewalk to avoid the pedestrian cross the street at a different place to zebra. Designed with a sociocultural analysis and not merely from aesthetic guidelines.

Don Luis Traffic signal
CasBeVilla Team Don Luis
CasBeVilla Team Traffic signal
CasBeVilla Team design
CasBeVilla Team design
CasBeVilla Team

Since he was a child, Daniel R. Villa Balbín has always kept the perspective of being a proactive person in terms of new project developments; the Colombian tradition (especially in Medellín city) always has been to be hard workers or "arrieros", and of course, he has adopted those genes from his families. Colegio San José de la Salle and UPB University also have given him strong ethical values that helped him to create an integral professional. Playing soccer, going to the gym and taking a shower, have helped him to find ideas.

CasBeVilla Team

CasBeVilla Team is a group of 4 graduates of the School of Architecture and Design of the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana of Medellín city, belonging to faculties of industrial and graphic design. The group has skills and characteristics that helped to generate criteria with high standards for evaluating each project, through the questions, self-criticism and observation of consumer behavior. According to the specific profile and skills of each, we can highlight: Julian Castrillón Zuluaga focuses on product design, especially with the typology and urban mobility concept. He has a modern vision about designing cities of the future. His main strengths are assembling projects and 3D rendering. Juan Camilo Villa Rivera, has a focus on the conceptual part of a project and analysis of culture. He has skills producing digital images and video. He thinks the key factor for success is the design thinking process. Andres Benavides Santa focuses on design of urban furniture and everything related to their production feasibility, considering environmental criteria. He has skills in photography, assembling projects, and sketching. Daniel Ricardo Villa Balbín focuses on digital fabrication, branding and consumer behavior, a bonus that allows him to analyze the feasibility of a project. His Strengths are manufacturing processes (CAM) and 3D rendering.