Luka Balic Jae Murphy Corporate Identity
Jae Murphy Corporate Identity is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Jae Murphy Corporate Identity

The negative space is used because it makes viewers curious and once they experience that Aha moment, they instantly like it and memorize it. Logo mark has initials J, M, the camera and tripod incorporated in the negative space. Since Jae Murphy often photographs children, the big stairs, formed by name, and low placed camera suggest that kids are welcome. Through Corporate Identity design, the negative space idea from the logo is further developed. It adds a new dimension to every item and makes the slogan, An Uncommon View of the Commonplace, stand true.

Jae Murphy Corporate Identity
Luka Balic Jae Murphy
Luka Balic Corporate Identity
Luka Balic design
Luka Balic design
Luka Balic

Luka Balic is award winning brand identity designer from Croatia. His works are regularly featured on design related websites, selected for 5 publications regarding identity design and awarded with over 10 international juried awards. By delivering strong, impact-making identities to clients globally, Luka helps them reach their goals and make their lucid brands come true.

Jae Murphy Photography

Jae Murphy is photographer from California, USA. She specializes in creative, family portrait and still life photography, using primarily natural lighting. Through her distinctive style she creates extraordinary photographs from moments of everyday life.