James Hoefler XoomRooms Modular wall system
XoomRooms Modular wall system is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Building Materials and Construction Components Design Award Category.
XoomRooms Modular wall system

The XoomRooms residential wall system is designed for the Do-It-Yourselfer. XoomRooms walls are easy to put up and take down using only an M4 Allen wrench. Components lay flat and store in a closet or under a bed when not in use. The system works for any ceiling height between 2.3 meters and 3.5 meters and can be set up in an infinite variety of straight and angled configurations. Sturdy XoomRooms poles can handle 20 kg of lateral stress when properly installed, but when removed, they leave no marks on the floor or ceiling, making them a prefect solution for homeowners and renters, alike.

XoomRooms  Modular wall system
James Hoefler XoomRooms
James Hoefler Modular wall system
James Hoefler design
James Hoefler design
James Hoefler

XoomRooms was launched to provide residential consumers with creative, sturdy, Do It Yourself, cost-effective options for reshaping the residential spaces in which they live. XoomRooms helps consumers divide rooms and create new, flexible, private spaces within their homes. The product line also makes it possible for consumers to create open air closets or to erect freestanding poles that can be used as hangers for lamps, clothes, and plants. Freestanding wall panels can also be erected to mount mirrors or to display art. Helping consumers make the most of the residential space they have is the underlying value for everything XoomRooms does.


Jim Hoefler is an entrepreneurial designer based in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He is a trained mechanical engineer with 30 years of experience in residential design, redesign, and residential construction in California, Arkansas, New York, and Pennsylvania. Hoefler is the principle for XoomRooms, a startup company he launched in 2013. His portable, temporary, residential wall system is the first of a series of products to be offered as part of the XoomRooms brand. Partners for this design include Northway Industries (Middleburg, PA US) and Hafele America Co.