Asta Kauspedaite Stumbras Vodka Labels
Stumbras Vodka Labels is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Packaging Design Award Category.
Stumbras Vodka Labels

This Stumbras‘ Classic vodka collection revives the old Lithuanian vodka making traditions. Design makes an old traditional product close and relevant to nowadays consumer. The green glass bottle, dates important to Lithuanian vodka making, legends based on true facts, and pleasant, eye-catching details – the curled cut-out form reminiscent of old photographs, the slanted bar on the bottom which complements the classic symmetrical composition, and the fonts and colours which convey the identity of each sub-brand – all make the traditional vodka collection untraditional and interesting.

Stumbras Vodka Labels
Asta Kauspedaite Stumbras Vodka
Asta Kauspedaite Labels
Asta Kauspedaite design
Asta Kauspedaite design

Stumbras is one of the biggest and most popular producers of strong alcoholic drinks in Lithuania. The distillery whose history, culture and traditions started in the end of the 19th century has been an indisputable market leader for many years. Through a century-long history Stumbras have grown really big, powerful, professional and wise. Especially proud of the appreciation gained in homeland Lithuania which is the real flattery for the company. Yet, Stumbras overstepped state borders many years ago and thus is known in many neighbouring or far, foreign countries – the company exports its production to five continents out of seven.