Ampro Design Spria Chocolate Range of chocolate tablets
Spria Chocolate Range of chocolate tablets is Iron Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Packaging Design Award Category.
Spria Chocolate Range of chocolate tablets

The SPRIA logo is written in delicious chocolate and leave uncovered in a mythical forest full of goodies. The design translates the consumer into an area of magical world, ultra-feminine, obtained with watercolor. Our mission was to create the image for a quality brand of chocolate that promotes local archaic flavor taste of homemade preserves. The Brand image must convey old traditions and make you think of homemade products

Spria Chocolate Range of chocolate tablets
Ampro Design Spria Chocolate
Ampro Design Range of chocolate tablets
Ampro Design design
Ampro Design design
Ampro Design

Founded in 2005, Ampro Design is a complex studio of brand & packaging creation which provides the entire range of branding services. Ampro believes that today matters the most. They dedicate their time to help clients' products to be noticed, to stand out and to sell. They do this by creating clear brand strategies and by bringing those strategies to life through courageous design solutions. Ampro Design is outside the box !

Food Distributione

FOOD DISTRIBUTIONE SRL started to produce unfilled milk chocolate bars and chocolate tablets in 1997. At present the company produces several kinds of chocolate bars filled with various creams (rum, cappuccino, cherry, strawberry, coconut, milk, banana, raspberry), chocolate tablets (plain or filled with raisins, peanuts, an d biscuits), icing slabs and chocolate covers for baker s and confectioner s and two kinds of spread chocolate cream with hazelnut butter and with peanut butter