Priscilla Lee Pui Kee Mundipharma Singapore Office Interiors
Mundipharma Singapore Office Interiors is Bronze Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Mundipharma Singapore Office Interiors

The décor of the reception area creates a very modern feel to the office, like a new face-lift, complete with circular lights, full glass panels, frosted stickers, white marble counter, coloured chairs and various geometrical shapes to top it off. The bright and bold design is an indication of the designer’s intention to bring out the corporate image, especially with the blending of the company logo in the feature wall. Together with meticulous layout of lighting in strategic areas, the reception area is loud in terms of design and yet silently presents its aesthetic appeal.

Mundipharma Singapore Office Interiors
Priscilla Lee Pui Kee Mundipharma Singapore
Priscilla Lee Pui Kee Office Interiors
Priscilla Lee Pui Kee design
Priscilla Lee Pui Kee design
Priscilla Lee Pui Kee

Apcon Pte Ltd is a young and vibrant company that is endowed with a sound concept of service aptitude. From the initial customer contact, to listening, planning, design conceptualization to the final materialization, coupled with continuous improvement over design and actuality, she has proven to the industry the true meaning of customer oriented. Practical experience culminated over the years of working in the industry has made Apcon to be open, objective and not forgetting dynamic in their designs, offered to customers for reference. Coupled with their project management service, no wonder she has been proven to be quite popular in the industry, and customers welcome her with open arms.

Apcon Pte Ltd

Apcon is an office specialist which is very focused on offering consultation on interior design, as well as project management services. Being attentive to details, especially customer requirements, we take special care to fuse our ideas with client’s corporate image. Not only does it help in their branding, but also lifts the corporate image to a whole new level. The accumulated years of experience in handling projects of varying scales have made us realize that it is of utmost importance to deliver what we promise, especially when it means to much to the customer who invest their time and money into office renovation. We grow with our clients, by providing “ideas that help you to excel”!