Sharon Webber-Zvik Jellyfish Investment Firm Corporate Identity
Jellyfish Investment Firm Corporate Identity is Iron Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Jellyfish Investment Firm Corporate Identity

As the name Jellyfish was a given starting point, Mrs. Sharon Webber-Zvik found the biggest challenge in creating a presentation that while resembling the shape of a jellyfish, has no qualities or characteristics in common. Trough study, research, inspiration and creativity she Eventually created a fusion of creatures and cultures, emphasizing strength and respecting her clients, their customers and their customer's cultures.

Jellyfish Investment Firm Corporate Identity
Sharon Webber-Zvik Jellyfish
Sharon Webber-Zvik Investment Firm Corporate Identity
Sharon Webber-Zvik design
Sharon Webber-Zvik design
Sharon Webber-Zvik

I create from the most emotional and personal place, when words becomes a limited tool. I hope simply to examine myself, to look at my thoughts on a more plastic and perceptible way. Usually, I plan to create a single work but like tears they come one after the other, until relief. I don’t think about it, or plan my technique - I simply cave in to all thoughts and ideas, deciding by feeling what will serve the idea best. I do not have the best technique and I am not an accurate artist, I acknowledge that. Sometimes it can be a helpful fact, but most of the times it makes me feel like I could be better. I could create it in a better way. Most of the time I simply appreciate the opportunity to express myself.

Sharon Webber-Zvik

Conceptylist is a boutique firm based in Israel. Established in 2003, owned and lead by Mrs. Sharon Webber-Zvik, an internationally awarded designer, the firm provides a variety of services targeted to allow customers to present their offering in the best possible way, focusing on three main fields of expertise: Idea development, Copy-writing and Graphic design & visualization. Under idea development, the firm offers services of consultancy to new and existing businesses, film directors and script writers, event planners, book writers and everyone who is looking to step outside of the box and stand out. Copy-writing service offered by the firm are unique by their nature, being personal and accessible in a way that creates the emotional responses and emotional memories customers are asking to achieve. In the area of graphic design and visualization, the firm offers services of corporate identity development, branding and works of print, packaging and online media. Clients often approach the firm at a very preliminary stage of their business when they already have an idea and vision, but do not yet know how to progress with it marketing-wise and visual-wise. The firm’s expertise is in taking their ideas, their concept and giving it the 'style' it needs to stand-out from the crowd, hence the firm’s name: Conceptylist Conceptylist welcomes international and local customers and project alike.