Thelos Design Team Riza Air Lounge chair
Riza Air Lounge chair is Bronze Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Furniture Design Award Category.
Riza Air Lounge chair

Contemporary design chair suitable for lounge areas of clubs, residences and hotels. Made with a organic look structure complemented with a special grid on the back, the Riza chair is only realised with sustainable solid wood and natural varnishes. The design inspiration comes from the work of the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí and the legacy that the modernist architect left in Barcelona, ever inspired on nature elements and organic look.

Riza Air Lounge chair
Thelos Design Team Riza Air
Thelos Design Team Lounge chair
Thelos Design Team design
Thelos Design Team design
Thelos Design Team

Thelos is a furniture design edition brand from Barcelona that selects, with sensitive art and design criteria, the most fine contemporary furniture designs from the worldwide designers and artists to get extraordinary experiences for its users. Thelos produces with the most suitable and natural materials and with totally sustainable criteria. It controls all origins of wood and fabric, clean manufacturing processes, hand made finishes of each piece, non synthetic contents on any finishes and avoiding any negatively impact to the people who manipulate it, to the final users and to the environment. Thelos produces fine furniture at the highest technician and of excellence level and with all empathy to the users and the planet. In short, high design with empathy.


Thelos is a design furniture edition brand from Barcelona that selects, with sensitive art, design and sustainable criteria, the most fine contemporary design furniture of worldwide designers and artists. Thelos always works in empathy with users of its furniture to ensure the most extraordinary experiences. As the word Thelos mean: "The essence of the use", Thelos only performs furniture edition that containing the excellence in its use and in its aesthetics. Just with these values Thelos is what has to be: artisans of the empathy, of the hospitality, of the details. Thelos brings the empathy to the next level, to the entire planet, with conscious production and sustainable sources materials and not only respecting towards the people and the environment but also seeks to influence people to do the same. In short, the design essence with highest empathy.