MZ Architects Palm Towers Office towers
Palm Towers Office towers is Golden Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Palm Towers Office towers

The Palm Towers' design intents to represent the trunk of a palm tree, emerging from the ground and rising up to 245.7m in the sky, creating a high-tech architectural embodiment of the cherished tree, symbol of survival in the dead-heat desert of the Arab countries. A simple image, rooted in the collective memory of the people, is transcended into one of the highest architectural landmarks of Doha's skyline. The first of its kind in Qatar, this design is considered a fine art in architectural and engineering fields.

Palm Towers Office towers
MZ Architects Palm Towers
MZ Architects Office towers
MZ Architects design
MZ Architects design
MZ Architects

MZ Architects is a multi-award winning architecture firm founded and lead by Marwan Zgheib since 2002. Initially based in Qatar, the firm won several architectural competitions and had the opportunity to acquire extensive experience in designing and developing high-rise buildings in the midst of the construction boom in the country. Within a few years, MZ Architects became one of the leading architecture and consultancy groups in Qatar and in the Gulf, with a regional office in Abu Dhabi. In 2007, MZ Architects’ headquarters were reassigned in Lebanon as an architecture and urban planning firm providing services for masterplanning projects, small-scale houses, hotels, high-rise buildings, residential buildings, stadiums, cultural centers and industrial buildings spread across Lebanon, Qatar, the UAE, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Nigeria.

Dar Investment & Development L.L.C.

Established in 2004, Dar Investment & Development L.L.C. is a real-estate firm aiming to alter the stereotype concept of real estate business in Qatar and aspiring to translate its symbol ”hand in hand to build Qatar” from words into deeds.