Mikhail Puzakov Glazov Corporate identity
Glazov Corporate identity is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Glazov Corporate identity

Glazov is a furniture factory in a town of the same name. The factory produces unexpensive furniture. Since the design of such furniture is rather generic, it was decided to base the communication concept on the original "wooden" 3D letters, words composed of such letters symbolize furniture sets. Letters make up Russian words "furniture", "bedroom" etc or collection names, they are positioned in order to resemble furniture pieces in sets. One-color outlined 3D-letters are similar to furniture schemes and can be used on stationery or over photographical backgrounds for brand identification.

Glazov Corporate identity
Mikhail Puzakov Glazov
Mikhail Puzakov Corporate identity
Mikhail Puzakov design
Mikhail Puzakov design
Mikhail Puzakov

Mikhail Puzakov works as art-director and senior designer with 12 points. 12 points is a small design consultancy. We specialize in corporate identity and brand design, trying to develop complex and coherent visual systems. For the last 8 years 12 points realized more than 400 projects and created more than 60 brands from scratch. 12 points’ design works were internationally awarded, featured online and published in design books.

Glazov furniture factory

Glazov furniture factory is a company with 80 years of history located in a town of Glazov. The company manufactures various kinds of affordable furniture, ranging from modern to classical, and always tries to meet increasing customers' demands. The Glazov factory has to advance production quality in order to be successful in a very competitive market of domestic furniture manufactures.