Dado Castello Branco Casa Golf Exhibition space
Casa Golf Exhibition space is Iron Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Casa Golf Exhibition space

The exhibition space contained a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, a terrace and a small garage for a golf cart, all in 100 m². The contemporary architecture allowed for rustic details such as the use of stone together with the demolition wood and natural fabrics such as linen. We used blue tones on furniture, on decorative elements and on curtains, giving the space a thorough consistency. For the space to have a balanced ambience, we had contemporary art in contrast with the vintage furniture.

Casa Golf  Exhibition space
Dado Castello Branco Casa Golf
Dado Castello Branco Exhibition space
Dado Castello Branco design
Dado Castello Branco design
Dado Castello Branco

Brazilian, graduated from the Belas Artes University in São Paulo, Brazil, receiving a degree in architecture and urbanism. He then completed a specialization in Paris, France through the École Speciale d’Architecture. For more than twenty years in the business, he has constructed a stable presence in residential and corporate architecture. Dado has consistently continued to bring to his projects the clients profile and personality, what drew respect to his work. Dado’s architecture and interior design has become a signature. There is a constant strive to attain balance, and Dado is able to achieve it through the use of natural material and light tones.

Dado Castello Branco / Casa Cor

Casa Cor is an annual architecture fair that invites selected architects to create an exhibition space with a certain theme. It is an extremely renowned fair that people from all over come to see. Only the best architects display their work, bringing tens of client requests every year.