Lisse Van Cauwenberge Dimdim Cradle, rocking chairs
Dimdim Cradle, rocking chairs is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Baby, Kids' and Children's Products Design Award Category.
Dimdim Cradle, rocking chairs

Lisse Van Cauwenberge created this one of a kind multi-functional solution that serves as a rocking chair and also as cradle when two Dimdim chairs are joined together. Each of the rocking chair is made up of wood with steel supports and finished in a walnut veneer. Two chairs can be mounted to each other with the help two hidden clamps below the seat to form a baby cradle.

Dimdim Cradle, rocking chairs
Lisse Van Cauwenberge Dimdim
Lisse Van Cauwenberge Cradle, rocking chairs
Lisse Van Cauwenberge design
Lisse Van Cauwenberge design
Lisse Van Cauwenberge

Why join the navy if you can be a pirate. I was born in Ghent, a beautiful city where lots of things are going on. I studied in Ghent till I was 17. I went to Mechelen for college where i followed interior design with a focus on furniture. After i was graduated i took the bachelor after bachelor course Furniture design where I could design what I wanted. I'm a designer that can do different categories of design, furniture, interior, graphic and packaging design. My mane focus goes to furniture design. I bring modern looking furniture with some influences.


Lisse. Is my own future design company. It will have his focus on furniture and interior design. It is located in Gent, Belgium. I will also cooperate with other designers or companies. My work is a modern style with different influences. Sometimes fifties or sixties as well as scandinavian design. Furniture will be sold in the company as well as in other shops arouns the world.