Arturo Fis Sierra Kindle Heater Outdoor Patio Heater
Sierra Kindle Heater Outdoor Patio Heater is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Category.
Sierra Kindle Heater Outdoor Patio Heater

With Sierra, Kindle Living has transformed the unattractive approach to outdoor heaters into a luxurious experience full of style, elegance, and glamour never seen before. Every detail has been carefully considered - made beautiful by the loving hands that individually give shape to each inspired piece - bringing ambience, romance, inspiration and plenty of heat to the outdoors.

Sierra Kindle Heater Outdoor Patio Heater
Arturo Fis Sierra Kindle Heater
Arturo Fis Outdoor Patio Heater
Arturo Fis design
Arturo Fis design
Kindle Living

We saw a need and set out to fill it. Despite the worldwide use of outdoor patio heaters, little development has occurred in the last 50 years. Kindle Living products are the first of their kind, bringing a design aesthetic where there was non before. Kindle Heaters bring beauty and elegance, ambiance and inspiration, heat, light, color and mood. To view our products in a variety of settings is to understand their ability to move seamlessly from the grand to the intimate, from the modern to the traditional, subtle to bold. Our team is not only committed to every aspect of design, engineering, manufacture, but also responsible for branding, marketing, collateral materials, website development, etc., keeping a consistent message of innovation, elegance, functionality, and service in an effort to enhance each aspect of our clients experience in marvelous satisfaction. Kindle Living has set the tone for a modern reinterpretation of an outdated standard, creating a true Cinderella moment for the once overlooked, unloved, patio heater.