Narumi Corporation Osoro Open Tableware System
Osoro Open Tableware System is Platinum Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Award Category.
Osoro Open Tableware System

OSORO's innovative character is to combine the quality of high-grade vitrified porcelain and its typical ivory-colored glossy skin with the function suitable for preserving food in the refrigerator or freezer and for cooking with steam oven or microwave. The simple, modular shape with its various elements can be stacked to save space, flexibly combined and closed with a multi-colored silicone O-Sealer or O-Connector so that food stays well sealed in it. OSORO can be universally used eliminating the need for our daily life.

Osoro Open Tableware System
Narumi Corporation Osoro
Narumi Corporation Open Tableware System
Narumi Corporation design
Narumi Corporation design
Narumi Corporation

Narumi only exists because of their customers and they must always think from their customer's point of view. Narumi strive to satisfy their customers and provide superior products through the development, production, and sale of ceramic goods such as tableware, with a focus of Bone China, our core foundation. Furthermore, Narumi aim to contribute to the improvement of lifestyles and culture through a business that enhances the pleasure, joy and comfort of people's everyday lives. Based on creating a sustainable human society and caring for the natural environment without which human life and activity is impossible, Narumi always remember that the fulfillment of human happiness is the origin of corporate activities, and they aim to be a company that is worth working for, and always allows their employees to think freely and make the maximum use of their creative abilities.

Narumi Corporation, Osoro

1946 Founded, 1947 Established, 1965 First succeeded mass production of bone china ware in Japan Started exporting full dinner set of bone china ware to US, 1975 Started production and sales of bone china hotel & restaurant ware, 1982 Established Mie Narumi Corporation, 1991 Established Narumi Singapore Pte Ltd, 1995 Established PT Narumi Indonesia, 2005 Established Narumi Shanghai Company Ltd, 2007 Independance by MBO from the previous private owner, 2012 Introduced and started production and sales of Osoro in Japan,