May Khoury Mabrada Console
Mabrada Console is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Fine Arts and Art Installation Design Award Category.
Mabrada Console

A unique console made of painted wood with stone finish, showcasing an old authentic coffee grinder which goes back to the ottoman period. A Jordanian coffee cooler(Mabrada) was reproduced and sculpted to stand as one of the legs on the opposite side of the console where the grinder sits, creating a fascinating piece for a foyer or living room.

Mabrada  Console
May Khoury Mabrada
May Khoury Console
May Khoury design
May Khoury design
May Khoury

Winner of both Gold & Silver A Design Awards 2013-2014 in the category of Arts & Crafts. Winner of the Silver A Design Award 2012-2013 in the category Arts & Crafts .Nominated for Prime Designer of the year 2013 by a member of the International Designers Association • More than 18 years dynamically helping Arab Artisans attain financial liberty, encouraging the employment of their traditional skills, into attractive contemporary handicrafts. • A worldwide promoter of the richness of the Arabian heritage, utilizing it's aged beauty as a fresh characteristic, to adorn modern furnishings and home accessories. • A conservationist with a mission to help preserve the traditional facets of Arabian crafting skills, from fading away. Participated in The Beirut Art Fair 19-22nd, 2013• Participated in several international handicraft festivals, where my creations were introduced to Arab and European countries, as part of the Mediterranean handicraft promotion. • Expressed my own vision on heritage preservation, through the holding of several fashion shows in Jordan & abroad. - Won the 2nd Laureate of the UNESCO crafts prize for the Arab states, held in Algeria in 2002, for the design of a unique wooden chair, carved and decorated with Traditional Palestinian intricate embroidery and motifs. - Member of International Women Forum, Jordan Branch - Member of the Jordanian Forum for Business & Professional Women, networking to enhance, develop and empower business women in Jordan. - Member of the world Crafts Council. - Member of Alhoush Network.which is the premier cultural networking and e-commerce portal to contemporary art and design from the Arab world.

Badr Adduja Arts & Crafts

Inaugurated by Her Royal Highness Princess Muna Al-Hussein in 1999 in Amman Jordan, Badr Adduja; meaning "the full moon at night", is the signature of novel crafts charged with traditional authenticity, handmade with personal creativity by the founder and designer May Khoury. Badr Adduja has been cultivating the talents of over 30 artisans & craftsmen insuring them a stability of income while sustaining their craftsmanship skills towards preserving the richness of Arabian Folk and Heritage. Badr Adduja Brand Trends: - Representing heritage pieces in new perspective that tackles our memories. - Utilizing our old handicrafts aesthetically to blend within our modern life style. - Creating new concepts that have a touch & a signature of our tradition. - Email: -00962795526924