Yongcai Huang Samlee Office Space
Samlee Office Space is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Samlee Office Space

Without fussy details, the Samlee Office was designed by a simplicity oriental aesthetics. This concept matches with the speedy developing city. In this highly running information society, the project presents the interactive relationship between the city, work and people – a kind of intimately relation of activity and inertia; transparent overlay; permeation blank.

Samlee Office Space
Yongcai Huang Samlee
Yongcai Huang Office Space
Yongcai Huang design
Yongcai Huang design
Yongcai Huang

Ray Evolution Design was formally established in July 2004, to focus on traceability between man and nature, urban diversity of the overall solution.      Creative team dabbled in architecture, interior space, and the field of art installations, service areas throughout the culture, hotel, commercial, office, real estate and brand planning. Team in the respect for the environment, technology, economy and other objective conditions to a wide range of creative thinking, uphold professionalism designed to create value, and won several international awards in the industry.

GuangZhou Samlee Enterprise Co;Ltd.

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