Jeff Klok PROfit Sports Drink Sports Drink Package
PROfit Sports Drink Sports Drink Package is Golden Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Packaging Design Award Category.
PROfit Sports Drink Sports Drink Package

The new packaging for PROfit launched in early 2013 evolving the brand identity and concept from a standard container to a stand-alone iconic package that is aggressive, sporty, and modern. The packaging features a sport infused container with a highly reflective and clean label with ghosted attributes. Tying the two together is a hexagonal texturing feature on both label and container.

PROfit Sports Drink Sports Drink Package
Jeff Klok PROfit Sports Drink
Jeff Klok Sports Drink Package
Jeff Klok design
Jeff Klok design
Amcor LATAM /Toni

Amcor is the world's largest packaging supplier as a whole. From there we are broken down into several sub-groups that focus on various kinds of packaging and further by region. Rigid Plastics Latin American Region office is near Miami and focuses on customers throughout the South and Central American regions. The Amcor Design Studio develops ideas in packaging for the food, beverage, spirits and personal care markets across the globe. As a design studio we are a group of designers who have a vast array of backgrounds -from automotive and furniture design, to branding and interior design. We are a team that has worked tirelessly to redefine the expectations of a supplier-based design firm and to bring award winning designs to our customers. Toni is one of the largest producers of food and beverage in Ecuador and Central America. PROfit is one of its many brands and is a hypotonic sports drink designed for high performing athletes.