Piano by David Dos Santos Piano Design Switch
Piano Design Switch is Golden Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Building Materials and Construction Components Design Award Category.
Piano Design Switch

After an intense process of brainstorming, developing and hard work, Belgian design company Lithoss is proud to officially present a complete new range of Designed Switches: PIANO. A switch in the house is usually not considered as important in an interior design. But if you take a look at the PIANO switch, Lithoss is pretty sure you will agree that this switch provides beautiful and futuristic décor to any room. It’s been designed to look like soft piano keys you want to touch. The PIANO is frameless, minimalistic, futuristic and simple.

Piano Design Switch
Piano by David Dos Santos Piano
Piano by David Dos Santos Design Switch
Piano by David Dos Santos design
Piano by David Dos Santos design
Lithoss nv

Lithoss nv, an international renowned design company of Belgium, is already 10 years active with its traditional high end design switches. Lithoss stands for well-known traditional handmade design switches. These high-end design switches are all in exclusive finishes using massive materials (Stainless steel, Zincor, Zamac, Bras, etc..) and are of a very high quality all made in Belgium. The Lithoss product range is available in various high quality finishes: Stainless Steel, Bronze, Nickel, Ral 9010 (white) with or without soft touch coating, Fusain (Black), Laiton (brass) and Chrome. In 2011, design company Lithoss felt the need to come with a new, completely innovation product to show the market that it is still possible to create a really original Design. The Piano switch was being developed and launched in March 2013. The Piano hides its frame when viewed upfront and its design is minimalistic, futuristic en sober.