Jonathon Anderson + Matthew Jones Opx2 Optic Installation
Opx2 Optic Installation is Platinum Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Category.
Opx2 Optic Installation

Opx2 is an optic installation that explores a symbiotic relationship between nature and technology. A relationship where patterns, repetition, and rhythm describe both natural formations and operations of computing processes. The installations reclusive geometry, momentary opacity and/or density are similar to the phenomenon of driving by a cornfield or explained in technology while looking at binary code. Opx2 builds complex geometry and challenges ones perception of volume and space.

Opx2 Optic Installation
Jonathon Anderson + Matthew Jones Opx2
Jonathon Anderson + Matthew Jones Optic Installation
Jonathon Anderson + Matthew Jones design
Jonathon Anderson + Matthew Jones design
Jonathon Anderson + Matthew Jones

Jonathon R. Anderson is an Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. His studio, Jonathon Anderson Studio work is characterized by innovative and explorative methods that result in interconnected design, fine art, and technology solutions. From this non-traditional process emerges a provocative, complex design language that visually communicates at varied scales and emphasizes corporeal and phenomenological experiences.

Jonathon Anderson Studio

Jonathon Anderson Studio is an international design firm operating at the intersection of product design, spatial design, and digital fabrication. The studio’s work is informed by an exploitative process that moves beyond the outer boundary or traditional faces of artifacts and space. From this process emerges a new design language which speaks of varied scales, functionality, corporeal experiences, transformation, and playful features.