Kent Walker Dell' Albero limoncello Alcohol packaging
Dell' Albero limoncello Alcohol packaging is Golden Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Packaging Design Award Category.
Dell' Albero limoncello Alcohol packaging

Dell’ Albero translates to ‘from the tree’ and this inspired the hand-crafted treatment of this iconic Italian lemon liqueur. By way of tradition, the base of each lemon tree is coated with white paint to deter crawling insects from reaching the fruit. A white ceramic base resembling the tree trunk forms an integral part of the design and provides a functional purpose by acting as both a stand and ‘chiller’ for the bottle when placed in the freezer prior to serving. Finished with age old hand-crafted techniques, the result is a bold re-interpretation of the traditional Italian limoncello.

Dell' Albero limoncello Alcohol packaging
Kent Walker Dell' Albero limoncello
Kent Walker Alcohol packaging
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Kent Walker design
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