Ruud Belmans Pinkeye Studio Office
Pinkeye Studio Office is Silver Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Pinkeye Studio Office

Pinkeye is a multidisciplinary design studio, with a very dynamic way of working and a highly diverse output. Working in a crossover way demands a studio that allows you to do that. This calls for a communal area with smaller workstations to group together and brainstorm about a certain project. The central element in the design of the 600-square-metre space is a dividing wall that runs the length of the work space. Clad in diagonally framed wooden beams, the wall's interplay of lines creates structure and atmosphere. Half moon cut outs make for windows that reveal more intimate rooms.

Pinkeye Studio Office
Ruud Belmans Pinkeye Studio
Ruud Belmans Office
Ruud Belmans design
Ruud Belmans design

Pinkeye is a crossover design studio that does things a little differently: we are a multidisciplinary band of unique and highly talented individuals that love to come up with ultracreative ideas for our clients. Our architects, graphic designers, 3D artists, creative and art directors make up a hybrid dream team in true crossover nature. That’s how we make the magic happen, turning brand values into custom made innovative concepts, whether we’re doing interior design, graphics, packaging or product design. Quite a mouthful, but to put it simply: we design brands.