Anjan Cariappa M M Trail Ranger Pitch+Roll+GPS device
Trail Ranger Pitch+Roll+GPS device is Iron Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Category.
Trail Ranger Pitch+Roll+GPS device

Why Are Trail Maps Flat When Trails Are Not? A first in the world concept, Trail Ranger lets you record the climb, descend and roll angles of your off-road vehicle on a GPS map and share it with fellow off-roaders around the world. Powered by our AXYZ-maps platform, Trail Ranger also gives you a customized rollover alert when your rig leans too dangerously. Now show the world the insane angles that you conquered! Because Your World Isn't Flat! For more details about Trail Ranger and to download as an iPhone/iPad app please visit:

Trail Ranger Pitch+Roll+GPS device
Anjan Cariappa M M Trail Ranger
Anjan Cariappa M M Pitch+Roll+GPS device
Anjan Cariappa M M design
Anjan Cariappa M M design
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