Conceptlicht GmbH Jordan Apotheke Indoor Lighting
Jordan Apotheke Indoor Lighting is Golden Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Category.
Jordan Apotheke Indoor Lighting

Supporting the expressive architecture of the pharmacy interior, the functional luminaires are unobtrusive in their appearance, drawing attention to their effect of light instead of their fixture design. The luminaires for basic lighting are either integrated in pendant luminaires tracing the shape of the furniture or are mounted at the sides of the suspended ceiling, keeping it as free from downlights as possible. Thus, the users can focus on the track of light leading through the pharmacy, consisting of RGB-LED-backlit tiles that match the colour of the likewise dynamically backlit counters

Jordan Apotheke Indoor Lighting
Conceptlicht GmbH Jordan Apotheke
Conceptlicht GmbH Indoor Lighting
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Conceptlicht GmbH design
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We are perception planners! Founded in 1990 by Helmut Angerer, Conceptlicht is a lighting design office that plans and realizes lighting design projects all over the world. Our approach to lighting design is the connection of visual perception and the impact of light on humans with architectural aspects in respect of technical regulations. Our goal is to create comfortable atmospheres. Consequently, the aim is not to reach a certain amount of light, but rather to translate the desired perception of space into lighting design. In the end, lighting design is the design of the perceptual image. It is essential that the hierarchy of spatial elements is supported by light, creating a corresponding hierarchy of luminance dependent on functional and esthetical aspects. Conceptlicht consists of seven lighting designers with different backgrounds: architecture, interior design, electrical engineering and scenography.