Casualplay Design Dept Casualplay Kudu Baby Stroller
Casualplay Kudu Baby Stroller is Silver Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Baby, Kids' and Children's Products Design Award Category.
Casualplay Kudu Baby Stroller

KUDU presents irregular shapes and geometry in structure made of high strength deep drawn plate aluminum. This technology is innovative as all the other products on market are manufactured using aluminum extrusion. The main advantage lies in the simple lines, different geometry and the number of sub-assemblies, parts and joints of the pushchair that are kept to a minimum. Therefore, Kudu is very easy to recycle as the chassis only has 3 parts: Handle, front and rear assembly.

Casualplay Kudu Baby Stroller
Casualplay Design Dept  Casualplay Kudu
Casualplay Design Dept  Baby Stroller
Casualplay Design Dept  design
Casualplay Design Dept  design

Play S.A is a family owned company that designs, manufactures and markets pushchairs and child restraint systems. Founded in 1966 and located in Barcelona, we are a leading company in the children’s market in Spain. Our car seats are proof of this (that have received awards from the German institute ADAC –among others- for their excellent features) as well as our pushchairs that combine practicality and design, making them the obvious choice for modern parents. We have been in the industry for over 45 years and we are especially known for our excellent value for money. It has always been our goal to be different and better. This attitude has made CASUALPLAY the most renowned brand in Spain and synonymous with innovation design and safety.