Dalia Sadany Mowraj Two Seater
Mowraj Two Seater is Silver Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Fine Arts and Art Installation Design Award Category.
Mowraj Two Seater

The Mowraj is a two-seater designed to embody the spirit of ethnic Egyptian and modern Gothic styles. Its form was derived from the Nowrag, the Egyptian version of the threshing sledge altered to embody the Gothic flair without compromising its ethnic antediluvian essence. The design is black lacquered featuring ethnic Egyptian handcrafted engravings on both arms and legs as well as rich velvet upholstery accessorized with bolts and pull rings giving it a medieval thrown like Gothic appearance.

Mowraj  Two Seater
Dalia Sadany Mowraj
Dalia Sadany Two Seater
Dalia Sadany design
Dalia Sadany design
Dalia Sadany

Dalia Sadany is an architect and award-winning designer from Alexandria, Egypt. She started her architecture and multidisciplinary design studio in 2006 winning 11 awards in a span of 4 years. She specialises in commercial office and custom product design with projects in Egypt, UAE and Saudi Arabia. In 2014 she was elected President of the International Association of Designers (IAD) headquartered in Como Italy. A year later she established #AsdaAssociation, Egypt’s first nonprofit Design Hub responsible for developing several cultural initiatives like Cairo Design Biennale; Future of Young Egyptians (FYE); Face of Egypt; and Egypt Educational Design Initiative.

Dezines Dalia Sadany Creations

Dalia Sadany is an Egyptian architect and interior designer with extensive background and experience in Design-Build turnkey solutions. She has been a lifelong advocate of the ancient Master Builder approach to construction where the architect was responsible for the entire project from concept, design through to construction and handover. Following in the tradition of the Master Builder, Dalia Sadany developed a group of partnerships operating under the umbrella of Dezines and management of Dalia Sadany providing full service Design-Build turnkey solutions to residential and commercial clients. The group consists of Dezines a design house providing architecture, interior design & landscaping design services; DECON a general contractor specialized in high-end interior finishing; and GUSH a bespoke custom furniture designer and producer. Quoting from Marcus Vitruvius - the architect who relies solely on theory and ignores the craftsmanship skill of building with his own hands follows "a shadow and not reality."