Bernhard Burkard Ballo Portable Speaker
Ballo Portable Speaker is Platinum Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Category.
Ballo Portable Speaker

The Swiss design studio BERNHARD | BURKARD designed a unique speaker for OYO. The speaker‘s shape is a perfect sphere with no actual stand. The BALLO speaker lays, rolls or hangs for a 360 degree music experience. The design follows principles of minimalistic design. A colorful belt fuses two hemispheres. It protects the speaker and increases the bass tones when lying on a surface. The speaker comes with a built-in rechargeable Lithium battery and is compatible with most audio devices. The 3.5mm jack is a regular plug for headphones. The BALLO speaker is available in ten different colors.

Ballo Portable Speaker
Bernhard Burkard Ballo
Bernhard Burkard Portable Speaker
Bernhard Burkard design
Bernhard Burkard design
Bernhard Burkard

There is no way the compare design and art. The two fields have nothing in common. There might be design pieces which look arty and are based on good craftsmanship. Still this has nothing to with art. Even if art is based on industrial production, it should not compared with design as its propose is complete different. In our view design is about innovation, production technic, function, craft and proportion of an object. Art follows other propose. This makes an artist. We are designer.

Bernhard | Burkard

The Swiss design studio BERNHARD | BURKARD GmbH was established in 2010 by Fabian Bernhard and Thomas Burkard. Their focus lies on both innovative and creative solutions that are at the same time highly esthetic and an appropriate resource management. Design starts with a call for change. Besides technical skills they have the curiosity and the will to face the world with open eyes. They believe that beyond styling and optical dressing contemporary design, as a process for products and communication, can generate the additional benefit that leads to sustainable success for all users. The BALLO speaker is designed for the Hong Kong based brand OYO - Objects You Obsess. (