Syed Tajudeen Abdul Rahman Saxound Wireless Speaker
Saxound Wireless Speaker is Golden Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Category.
Saxound Wireless Speaker

Saxound is a unique concept inspired from some of the leading speakers in the world.It is a fusion of the best innovation that has been made already few years ago,with a blend of our own innovation,thus making it a whole new experience for the people.The core elements of Saxound are the cylindrical shape and threading assembly.The dimensions of Saxound is inspired from a regular compact disc of 13 centimeter diameter and a height of 9.5 centimeter,which can be displaced by one hand.It consist of two 1”tweeters,two 2”mid drivers and a bass radiator arrayed in such a small form factor.

Saxound Wireless Speaker
Syed Tajudeen Abdul Rahman Saxound
Syed Tajudeen Abdul Rahman Wireless Speaker
Syed Tajudeen Abdul Rahman design
Syed Tajudeen Abdul Rahman design
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