Thijs Goossink Nucleus Modular Wine Rack
Nucleus Modular Wine Rack is Bronze Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Furniture Design Award Category.
Nucleus Modular Wine Rack

Nucleus consists of flat elements of extruded aluminium. Each element is identical in shape, has a scratch-proof satin finish and is anodized in blank or color. Low-tolerance-fit modular features make the rack infinitely expandable by adding elements in a sliding motion. Combination options are endless and Nucleus is easy to restyle at any time. Expand it along with your wine collection or match the dimensions of a limited space. Wall-mounted, free-standing, artful or subtle, the choice is yours

Nucleus Modular Wine Rack
Thijs Goossink Nucleus
Thijs Goossink Modular Wine Rack
Thijs Goossink design
Thijs Goossink design
Esthys Design Products

Esthys Design Products (or "Esthys") is a new Dutch design studio to facilitate future design of new concepts and management and production of its first product release: modular wine rack Nucleus. Our fully owned company focuses on in-house design and development of minimalist products of high quality in all areas.