Yasemin Ulukan Wipe'n Vacuum Hard Floor Cleaner
Wipe'n Vacuum Hard Floor Cleaner is Golden Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Home Appliances Design Award Category.
Wipe'n Vacuum Hard Floor Cleaner

Wipe’n Vacuum is an all-inclusive product that sweeps, wipes, removes stains and dries the floor, it provides the users with a new and efficient cleaning experience. It can also be used as a water filter vacuum cleaner. Moreover, since all of the parts that dirt and dust pass through have been designed in a removable way, the use and cleaning of Wipe’n Vacuum is practical and easy, which saves the user’s valuable time. An air engine is used to power the brush which eliminates the danger risks. This allows for the user’s hygiene needs and expectations to be completely met.

Wipe'n Vacuum Hard Floor Cleaner
Yasemin Ulukan Wipe'n Vacuum
Yasemin Ulukan Hard Floor Cleaner
Yasemin Ulukan design
Yasemin Ulukan design
Yasemin Ulukan

SENUR, one of the first firms which established R&D department in its own field in Turkey, gives great significance to R&D and makes large investments in this field. As a result of these studies it produced first citrus juicer, first juice extractor, first food processor, first carpet cleaning machine, first mincing meat machine and first meat mincer of Turkey. With its experienced ,dynamic and highly motived design team which most of the members has a minimum 10 years of background in the company, Senur always has been the architect of firsts holding a serious number of patents in hand.

Senur Elektrik Motorları San AS, Brand Name: Arnica

SENUR is a pioneer in house hold appliances whose name is synonymous with quality since 1962. The ISO 9001:2000 certified company is located in an ultra modern state-of-the art facility, covering an area of 35,000 square meters and employing more than 400 personnel. SENUR is known for accomplishing the “firsts” in Turkey, such as designing and producing the first citrus juicer,first juice extractor, the first food processor, the first meat grinder and the first hybrid of meat grinder/food processor. The company gained success and recognition and produced household appliances for important well-known brands in both Turkish and foreign markets. In 2001, SENUR changed it’s marketing strategy for Turkish market and established it’s own brand “ARNICA” and expanded it’s product range with various house hold appliances. ARNICA’s goal is to provide unique, innovative, good quality products to consumers with affordable prices. Customer satisfaction is one of the most essential criterias to ARNICA, and the company has over 350 customer service centers throughout Turkey