Diego Otero Rodríguez Big Bang Event
Big Bang Event is Iron Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Event and Happening Design Award Category.
Big Bang Event

Approximately 4 hours of event. After receiving an invitation unknown ('An explosion of light and will lead to a new dimension of store.') more than 500 specials guests entrants to a completely dark room where a short film projected with the history of lighting but backwards, from now until the first of our days. Why? For a acoustically-equipped room for the occasion just by simulating the Big Bang that absolutely lit all the lamps he had displayed in the store, more than 1,000.

Big Bang Event
Diego Otero Rodríguez Big Bang
Diego Otero Rodríguez Event
Diego Otero Rodríguez design
Diego Otero Rodríguez design
Diego Otero Rodríguez

The man has created robots, many. Therefore, he had to create a robot to remove the rest of them. Before there were robots, we had humanity. Prove your are not a robot. Suigeneris, an agency made by and for people. An organic agency, based on a collection of autonomous systems, which communicate with each other and are rearranged to give the required action in a global scale.

Biosca & Botey (Faro Grup

Biosca & Botey is already an iconic brand in lighting after its 96 year history. Founded in the early twentieth century in Barcelona with an eye to the design that was being done in the rest of Europe, began what would become the future of the company and specialized in-house production of lamps. Later, in the early 80′s, Biosca & Botey entered the real estate business to focus on design projects that make the most of natural light. He also carried out with lighting projects in works like the Sagrada Familia, the Gran Teatre del Liceu, the convention center or Agbar Tower Forum. Far from Barcelona, ​​also participated in architectural landmarks such as the New Terminal at Barajas Airport in Madrid or the Cathedral of La Paz, Bolivia. Since its inception, has maintained a steady evolution until today in which their design and manufacture of lamps and lighting fixtures have the best brands and designers from around the world, based on criteria of quality, style and guarantees require the high ranges. More information about the group at: In Faro Group: we are a team of people, with an international and highly professional, covering all phases of the business of lighting and ventilation, from design and manufacturing to distribution. We offer an integrated and globally through our ten business areas represented by six brands that currently make up our group. · Functional lighting for the home · Decorative lighting and design · Outdoor Lighting · Professional technical lighting · Lighting LED technology · As lighting, handmade and unique · Ceiling fans · Items handcrafted furniture · Retail high-end lighting · Retail in decoration and furniture More information about the group at: