Apotheka Mexico Grupo Apotheka I+da Drug Store
I+da Drug Store is Silver Design Award winner in 2011 - 2012 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
I+da Drug Store

An Arquitectural and furniture pharmaceutical project which is designed for both the seller and client's confort. The costumized furniture, diverse materials and illumination makes our proposal complete and distinguished. i+da is conceived as an elegant and comfortable space designed for the selling of pharmaceutical products, making it an attractive and profitable business. Its composition maintains and emphasizes the organic shapes in furniture and architectural elements; the way the costumer views the place is clean and in equilibrium. The furniture fuses and adapts to every unique spa

I+da Drug Store
Apotheka Mexico Grupo Apotheka I+da
Apotheka Mexico Grupo Apotheka Drug Store
Apotheka Mexico Grupo Apotheka design
Apotheka Mexico Grupo Apotheka design
Apotheka Mexico

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