Nanu Al-Hamad Gibbous Chair and Ottoman
Gibbous Chair and Ottoman is Iron Design Award winner in 2011 - 2012 Furniture Design Award Category.
Gibbous Chair and Ottoman

Gibbous is a modular outdoor or indoor piece. It thrives outdoors as it is upholstered in a heavy duty, waterproof, glow-in-the-dark material. This material will charge naturally by the sunlight during the day, and glow throughout the night. The chair is a sphere, one quarter slice slides out to reveal the chair and this slice becomes the ottoman. This ottoman may also be used as a seat, or as a headrest for one lying in the grass. When the chair is closed, you have a beautiful glowing ball; an environmentally friendly lighting to your garden, pool, or living room. Visit

Gibbous Chair and Ottoman
Nanu Al-Hamad Gibbous
Nanu Al-Hamad Chair and Ottoman
Nanu Al-Hamad design
Nanu Al-Hamad design
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