Naoki Kawamoto ORISHIKI Hand bag Clutch bag
ORISHIKI Hand bag Clutch bag is Platinum Design Award winner in 2011 - 2012 Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Category.
ORISHIKI Hand bag Clutch bag

Origami-like folds, a single structure consisting of triangular segments, but wraps things like apple sauce. There are new geometric folding surface became a solid calling case. The Clutch bag’s behaviour is completely differ from other any case and opening and closing movements is quite innovative way to use. That is made up of several triangle segments and those each segment edge is define each next segments direction and position. Magnets organise the unimpeded closing behavior. From the functions, the looks like a crystal that reflect all surrounding lights gracefully.

ORISHIKI Hand bag Clutch bag
Naoki Kawamoto ORISHIKI Hand bag
Naoki Kawamoto Clutch bag
Naoki Kawamoto design
Naoki Kawamoto design
Naoki Kawamoto

Japanese industrial designer. He studied at Industrial Design Engineering at the Royal college of Arts in the United Kingdom, and after returning to Japan he founded N & R Foldings Japan Co., Ltd. in Yokohama. He designs and designs various industrial products, from fashion to medical equipment and daily necessities. In the future, we believe that there will be new field designs in new areas that transcend genres, and we are designing beyond the boundaries of the industry.

Naoki Kawamoto Design Royal College of Art London ( Industrial Design Engineering MA UK) Imperial College (MSc UK)